Sunday, 22 May 2016

Barely Remembered Lil's

So 53 Rupert Street, once the home of Cheapo Cheapo Records, has transformed itself once again. Having been a mango dessert cafe, then a restaurant called Lil's, I passed the site on Saturday to see that it is now offering Italian fast food (excluding pizza, it seems) under the name of Mister Lasagna.

It only launched a month ago, and more can be read about it here, if you are so inclined. Apparently "Lasagna pans and fresh sandwiches line the counter as diners walk through the door and there’s a subtle waft of garlic in the air."

It's a long way from its former use, although the top image found online, in which the very top of the "Lil's" sign can just about be seen, is a reminder that nothing stays the same, and once there may have been people who lamented the passing of C. Solomons' antique shop.

Hmm ... did Cheapo immediately supplant Solomons, or is there a long trail in between? There's your Daniel Kitson-type show just aching for crowdfunding right there.

The story of my coming to terms with the loss of Cheapo Cheapo Records can be found in the posts collected here.

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