Thursday, 1 October 2015

NRBQ (Not Round Britain Quiz)

Round Britain Quiz will be starting soon on Radio 4 ... or will it? There are no clear indications on the Beeb's website. Still, that gives me an excuse to collect the attempts at RBQ-type questions scattered through this blog. Some were actually sent to the programme and not used, but (a bit like Keith Richards) we are not concerned with your petty quality control restrictions. So why not find a partner from the same region, book yourself into a remote but luxurious location and pretend that you are one of the RBQ teams? If you are not from Northern Ireland or Wales, please substitute alternative places.

Q1  Northern Ireland

A Lawrentian betting aid; a Beatles album before a Family intervention; a hillbilly's tribute to the military; seventies popsters who went sky high. In what sort of concerto might you reasonably expect to find all of these and why?

Q2  Wales

If a Dutch rodent's domicile initially leads you to a proprietorial disease, which organs might be affected by some additional Nancy-ish behaviour (without a late mime's soundbite)?

Q3  Northern Ireland

Music Question

If germs lurk unseen, what kind of doctor provides a solution for all three?

Q4 Wales

Music Question 

 Why might efforts towards the cessation of a nagging pain lead you into a wood of this sort?

 Q5  Northern Ireland

Addressing a female creator of bovine pastries more formally than usual may call this man's nemesis to mind, relatively speaking. But why might situating him at the end of a Mayfair shopping mall out him as a late riser?Alternatively, if a hound from the Daily Mail followed behind, why might that effect a Spanish transformation to his name - at least, if you hail from the North of England?

Q6 Wales

To find the hometown of a female authority on the longevity of Lucy's accessories, put muddy feet on a victorious leaf. To identify a female authority on the companionable qualities of said accessories, bid a guttering farewell to Bobby's alleged girl (amongst others). A former drifter could be instrumental to this answer - unless, that is, you'd prefer a bunch of fake gladiolas associated with another leaf.

 Q7 Northern Ireland

If the only way is up for an American Professor's admission, and down for a sleepy combo's combinations (as engineered by their manically grinning bespectacled leader), furnish me with the boy to make this answer thrice-blessed dramatically.

Q8 Wales

Even if a now-you-see-her romance of the Earl of Cricklewood's and an old buck rabbit's exhortation both lead to the blues can happy days be far behind?

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